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"black-ish" lead Tracee Ellis Ross discusses a "Girlfriends" reboot: "We've had conversations about it"

ABC/Bob D'Amico(NEW YORK) -- It's been nearly eighteen years since Tracee Ellis Ross played the studious Joan Clayton, Esq. on the early 2000s sitcom Girlfriends.

Ross, who has since then moved on to playing Dr. Rainbow Johnson on ABC's black-ish, says she's up for a Girlfriends reboot and is surprised that there's still a strong interest in the show.

"I think there's definitely a possibility," Ross tells ABC Radio. "I'm so intrigued by the fact that all these years later people are still wanting that. I'm still open to the idea and we've had conversations about it so we'll see."

According to Ross, the series -- which also starred Golden Books as Joan's assistant Maya, Persia White as Ross' onscreen roommate, and Jill Marie Jones as Joan's best friend -- didn't have a proper ending.

"We've been having conversations about it since the show finished," Ross explained. "We never got a finale, we didn't get anything. So I think there's the sense of wanting that, but who knows."

Still, the talented actress and now fashion designer says if the show was to come back, the current time -- with the recent success of black cinema and television -- would be the perfect fit.

"I think Girls Trip showed people that there's an audience there," she laughs.

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