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Brian Tyree Henry on the new season of "Atlanta": "The stakes are higher

(L-R) Brian Tyree Henry, Donald Glover, Zazie Beetz - Courtesy Robin Lori for FX Networks (ATLANTA) -- Brian Tyree Henry is set to reprise his role as the up-and-coming Atlanta rapper Alfred "Paper Boi" Miles on the second season FX's Atlanta, which returns tonight. Although the new season took over a year to drop, Henry assures viewers it's going to be worth the wait.

"This season two, I'm telling ya'll something, you've never seen anything like it," Henry tells ABC Radio. "I know we made you way for a while, but there is something to a simmer....this second season is definitely going to just really show you guys a whole different kind of side...of these characters that you thought you knew."

As far as his character, who's managed by his cousin Earn, played by Donald Glover, Henry says Paper Boi will have to work on his self-control. "Just know that it took a lot of restraint for Alfred this season," Henry says. "A lot of restraint."

He continues, "[Paper Boi] trying to navigate his life and this newfound a land he was born and raised in and how to navigate that in a completely different way. Because there's nothing worse than trying to traverse a land that you know, and all of a sudden people are telling you now you can't go that way. And Alfred don't really like that too much."

According to Henry, that's not the only thing to watch out for in season two.

"The relationships of how the family changes [for Paper Boi] and Earn and how family relationships can change at any given moment in time is something that I think fans are not going to expect...It's still funny as hell, it's still incredibly humorous, but the stakes are higher this season."

Atlanta returns tonight at 10:00 ET on FX.

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