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Celebrities Join Chelsea Handler for Musical Sendoff

Timothy White/E!(LOS ANGELES) -- On Tuesday night, Chelsea Handler and a number of her celebrity pals bade farewell to Chelsea Lately, the comedienne's E! show.

Handler announced previously that she was leaving E! and heading to Netflix to create "docu-comedy specials" and also host Netflix's first talk show. The talk show does not have a premiere date.

In her opening monologue, Handler remarked she was “wrapping up seven years of ridiculous stupidity” and was "very impressed" with herself. She proceeded to pat herself on her own back.

Tuesday's hour-long, live send-off began with another one of the show's shower bits -- this time with a clothed Ellen DeGeneres interrogating a nude Handler as why she was never asked to be on the show. "Is it because I'm a lesbian?" Ellen asked. "No!" Handler protested. "I didn't even know you were a lesbian. I thought you were married to Ryan Seacrest."

The show featured a parade of the series' former "Roundtable" guests including comics like Whitney Cummings and T.J. Miller, and then segued to a sit-down with Handler's pals, Sandra Bullock, Mary McCormack, and Jennifer Aniston.

The trio, wearing signs bearing their first names, then staged an "intervention" for the allegedly hard-partying host. "I urge you to get help," McCormack pleaded. "So if you have to tell the world that you're 'Going to Netflix,' for a little while, I think everyone supports you...Netflix is a wonderful facility...Jen, Sandy, and I have arranged a plane that can take you to Netflix tonight when the show wraps."

Aniston claimed, "I miss the old Chelsea. The Chelsea who resembled a battered Gold Rush-era hooker...The one that I used to find naked on my lawn chair after she fell asleep in the sprinklers with little Chuy on her back."

Bullock started with, "Dear George, your practical jokes are annoying," before realizing she'd, "cut and pasted" the format from her Clooney intervention. She went on to say she had, "no intention of confronting" Chelsea about anything because their friendship "is still relatively new, and you still scare me a little bit." Bullock later scolded her friend for breaking up with 50 Cent, who appeared and later performed.

Miley Cyrus also appeared to sing Roy Orbison's torch song "It's Over."

That was followed by an impressive group of celebrities, including the aforementioned, singing a "We Are The World" spoof called "Goodbye to E!." The sing-along featured Trace Atkins, Fergie, Gwen Stefani, Gerard Butler, Avril Lavigne, Joel McHale, Tim Gunn, Josh Gadd, LeAnn Rimes, Alanis Morissette, Sammy Hagar, Amy Poehler, Bobby Brown, Dave Grohl, Dane Cook, Johnny Knoxville, Tim Allen, and Melissa McCarthy, with Marlee Matlin signing.  When Stefani introduced the sing-along, she referenced her Emmy night Colbert Report blunder by calling Handler "Chelsea Hemmer."

Handler also thanked E! for the opportunity to have her own show, and called for people to donate to Cyrus' charity My Friend's Place, which benefits homeless teens. "Y'all are rich," Miley said of her fellow celebrity chorus members, "so everybody here should donate, that's all I'm saying." Chelsea insisted she'd "make" her wealthy friends pony up, but implored regular people to do so, too.

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