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Charlie Sheen Talks "Anger Management," Says Dad Will Be Joining Show

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic(LOS ANGELES) -- Charlie Sheen was front and center promoting his new comedy Anger Management at FX's presentation to the Television Critics Association gathering in Los Angeles on Saturday.

Sheen broke the news that his real-life father, actor Martin Sheen, will join the show in a regular role as Charlie's TV dad.

Not surprisingly, Sheen was also asked about his very public meltdown. 

When asked how his life was immediately after being fired from Two and a Half Men, Sheen said, "It was a crazy time, like a crazy dream, a runaway train I couldn’t get off of. I learned a lot from that time."

Charlie Sheen joked that a big lesson he learned from the experience was not to, "go on the road for 31 days in 23 cities with no act."  That was a reference to Sheen's 2011 madcap Torpedo of Truth tour.

"My life's different now that I'm not insane anymore.  I'm accountable most of the time," Sheen told the gathering.

Sheen also said he believes everything happens for a reason, explaining, "I can wish every minute for a very simple life, but I don't look at what happens in my life as chaos but challenges.  Things have to be dealt with in the moment.  My interpretation of fun is not always the right choice."

In the meantime, Sheen said he's having a great time on Anger Management

He noted, "I feel like we've just scratched the surface, barely" in terms of material. 

Sheen says he has more of a creative voice on this series, but the rapid production schedule allows very little time for rehearsals. 

Sheen admitted, "It's a whole different animal.  There's no time to overthink it.  Sometimes that's OK, sometimes it isn't."

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