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Charlie Sheen, #Tigerblood, 'Thor' Top Twitter's Top Topics of 2011

ABC/RICHARD CARTWRIGHT(SAN FRANCISCO) -- Twitter has released a list of Hot Topics for 2011, giving a snapshot of the past year in pop culture -- a who's who of the most-mentioned for the microblogging service.

The actor to appear most frequently among Twitter users was Charlie Sheen, while his expression #Tigerblood ranked as the second most popular hashtag of the year -- interestingly second only to #Egypt, which exploded on Twitter amid a government crackdown on dissenters.

Elizabeth Taylor, who passed away this year, took the top topic prize for actresses, leading second place finisher Friends with Benefits star and Marine Ball date Mila Kunis.  TV's Pretty Little Liars was the most-mentioned show on Twitter, followed by Two and a Half Men.  Superheroes led the pack for movies, with Thor, The Dark Knight Rises, and X-Men: First Class ranking in the top three.
Twitter's Hot Topics for 2011:

 1. Pretty Little Liars
 2. Two and a Half Men
 3. The Craigslist Killer
 4. Golden Globe Awards
 5. People's Choice Awards

 1. Thor
 2. The Dark Knight Rises
 3. X-Men: First Class
 4. Fast Five
 5. Green Hornet

 1. Elizabeth Taylor
 2. Mila Kunis
 3. Anne Hathaway
 4. Raven Symone
 5. Natalie Portman
 6. Elisabeth Sladen
 7. Jennifer Lopez
 8. Nina Dobrev
 9. Emma Watson
10. Fernanda Vasconcellos

 1. Charlie Sheen
 2. Macaulay Culkin
 3. Ryan Dunn
 4. Ricky Gervais
 5. Pete Postlethwaite
 6. Tracy Morgan
 7. Jake Gyllenhaal
 8. Ashton Kutcher
 9. Colin Firth
10. James Franco

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