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Comedienne Lisa Lampanelli Talks Donald Trump and Bill Cosby

Epix(NEW YORK) -- The "Queen of Mean," Lisa Lampanelli, has a new comedy album out Friday, and she recently talked Donald Trump and Bill Cosby with ABC Radio.

Lampanelli knows Trump, given that she was a contestant on The Celebrity Apprentice a few years back. She says, "He works really super hard and made a great living for himself and his family."

But she's not exactly giving the GOP presidential candidate her endorsement. She jokes, "I don't know if he wouldn't have our country blown off the map within a few short minutes, just 'cause of the things he says."

Lampanelli doesn't know Cosby, who's facing sexual assault allegations from dozens of women, but she never really liked him.

She says, "Anyone that sets himself up as father of the year or as a role model...anything with preachiness always hits me wrong, and I go, that's somebody hiding something. I would have never guessed it was this thing." 

She has a few Cosby jokes on her new special, titled Back To The Drawing Board.

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