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Conan O'Brien's 'Long-Lost Son' Tries to Reconnect with Him

Meghan Sinclair/Team Coco(NEW YORK) -- Is he Conan O'Brien's long-lost son?  Or is he just pulling a hoax?

A man who strongly resembles O'Brien has posted a video onto YouTube, claiming he's the son of the TBS late-night host.

To hear Greg Keating tell it, his mother worked at NBC's headquarters in New York City in the 1990s as a producer for an NBC News program.  She allegedly was fired when she became pregnant.  Supposedly, she conceived the child with O'Brien.

Keating imitates O'Brien's mannerisms in the two-minute-plus video, and asks him if they can go fishing or "dominate late-night television" together.

The clip, which has approximately 70,000 hits to date, is clearly a gag. The only question is whether O'Brien had anything to do with it.

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