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Confirmed: Enrique Iglesias Won't Tour with Britney Spears After All

Max Morse/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- The on-again, off-again joint Britney Spears-Enrique Iglesias tour is apparently off again.

Following the surprising news on Tuesday that Iglesias had pulled out of the joint tour he was slated to do with Spears just hours after it was announced, there came a report from that negotiations were underway for the tour to continue.

Now, however, ABC News Radio can confirm that the joint tour is, in fact, a non-starter.

In a statement, Iglesias' manager Gary Mantoosh said, "Unfortunately, Enrique Iglesias and Britney Spears will not be touring together.  Despite initial reports based on formal discussions of the possible run, Enrique will continue on his solo tour in support of his new album, Euphoria.  Enrique has great respect for Britney and is a longtime fan of her work.  He is very sorry for the confusion this might have caused to anyone."

Apparently, the sticking points in tour negotiations were money and perception.  According to, Spears was going to be paid several times more for the tour than Iglesias, and it was being perceived as "Britney's tour," even though the two were, in fact, co-headliners.  That perception was reinforced by the fact that Spears was the one who announced it, and she did it on the day her own album, Femme Fatale, was released.

As for the money, there's a question as to whether or not Iglesias would also receive a piece of the tour's box office receipts, as well as a guaranteed dollar amount per show.

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