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Controversial New Michael Jackson Album in Stores Now

Photo Courtesy - Epic Records(NEW YORK) -- Michael, an album of unreleased material from the late Michael Jackson, hits stores Tuesday.

There's been plenty of controversy surrounding the release, on two fronts.  First, some of Jackson's relatives have claimed that the vocals on the album aren't really his.  And secondly, some fans and friends of the late King of Pop wonder if the singer, a notorious perfectionist, would've even wanted this unfinished music released.

Billboard Senior Editor Gail Mitchell, a Michael Jackson expert, has heard the record and says the vocals are definitely his.  As for whether the singer would've wanted the material released, Mitchell says, "Probably, in his heart of hearts, no, he'd want to take a lot of the things back and tweak it...But I think the fact that there's some new music going out to his fans, who he cared a lot about, is the selling point here." 

Mitchell also says that for all the controversy, Michael is actually a pretty good album.  She says, "None of us will ever know exactly what he had in mind in terms of songs that were chosen...but I still think there's some very strong tracks."  She adds, "I think folks are still gonna go out and buy [it] 'cause they want to get as much as they can in terms of his music, and keep his legacy alive."

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