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"Dancing's just making me happy": Frankie Muniz says he won't let mini-strokes stop him from dancing

ABC/Lou Rocco

(LOS ANGELES) -- Dancing with the Stars fan-favorite Frankie Muniz opened up about a health battle that has cast a shadow over his time on the dance floor, saying, "It scares me...I would be more disappointed than anything if my body doesn't allow me to do this."

Muniz told ABC News' Nick Watt that he suffers from transient ischemic attacks, sometimes called "mini-strokes."

A "mini-stroke" is a type of stroke in which blood flow to the brain is blocked for a short period of time, usually not more than five minutes, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC describes a mini-stroke as a "medical emergency," and says they are warning signs of a future stroke.

Muniz said that despite suffering from mini-strokes, which he says can happen at any time, he will not let his ongoing health battle stop him from dancing.

"I would let her drag me on the floor," Muniz said of his dance partner, Witney Carson. "I'm not not showing up."

Muniz and Carson topped the scoreboard last week, earning 25 points for their cha cha.

"I am half Puerto Rican, and thankfully the half Puerto Rican part came out," he joked of his cha cha performance.

Muniz also revealed that he becomes especially nervous before performing on DWTS.

"I am not a dancer," he said. "If you saw me the hour, two hours before, I am literally in the back like trembling, like I feel sick, I feel nauseous."

Muniz said he was especially nervous before dancing the samba this week, telling ABC News prior to his performance, "That's the most intimidating to me because it's very hippy, and my hips don't move."

Despite his health battles, Muniz told ABC News that "So far, dancing's just making me happy."

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