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Daniel Radcliffe Reveals One Thing About Harry Potter That No One Else Knows

ABC/Randy Holmes(NEW YORK) --  J.K. Rowling may carefully protect the hidden secrets of her Harry Potter series, but it seems she has less control over the actor who played him.

In a recent webcast for Vogue in which the magazine gave Daniel Radcliffe a 73-question quiz, he revealed the one thing he has learned about the boy wizard "that no one else knows."

According to Radcliffe, who stars this month in What If, Potter had perfect vision. Like so many bespectacled Brooklynites before him, Potter "didn't really need glasses."

"That was just a fashion statement," whispered Radcliffe, 25.

During the sprawling interview, he divulged that he would title his autobiography "Bring on the Empty Broomsticks," once waxed an unprintable part of his body for a role, and would have killed to star in Guys and Dolls.

But while the interview offers viewers a wealth of information about the young actor, we've gathered that the most important takeaway from the video is relevant not as much to fans at home or musical enthusiasts in Hollywood as it is to his girlfriend, Erin Darke.

Based on our careful analysis of his candid responses, we have concluded that Radcliffe's ideal romantic evening involves sharing a plate of poutine over which he and his date wittily praise his bad poetry while they play ping-pong and watch Airplane.

We hope Darke, whom the star met in 2012 on the set of Kill Your Darlings, knows how to multitask.

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