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Dennis Rodman Fired on "All-Star Celebrity Apprentice"

Adam Olszewski/NBC(NEW YORK) -- Former NBA star Dennis Rodman was given the boot on Sunday night's installment of All-Star Celebrity Apprentice.

Both teams were tasked with promoting a skin care line for Melania Trump, Donald Trump's wife. 

Rodman took the helm as project manager for Team Power, though he quickly handed off the brand messaging to Trace Adkins.  The group eventually agreed on a theme and the former basketball star approved a poster-sized mock ad -- with Melania's name spelled wrong, in bold type.

On Plan B, as project manager, Penn Jillette kicked out Donald's son Eric Trump, who was visiting the team's war room just as their photo shoot started.

"Just split, baby," Jillette said to the the younger Trump, calling him a distraction.

During Plan B's presentation, Jillette appeared to rub Melania the wrong way, and Gary Busey's last minute spouting of his usual stream of consciousness nonsense didn't help.

Power's presentation went well, thanks to Rande Broderick -- except for the fact that nobody noticed the glaring typo of Mrs. Trump's name.

In the boardroom, Rodman remained confident, and still unaware of the error, as were the other members of the group -- until each team was allowed to evaluate the other's material. 

Stephen Baldwin noticed the mistake immediately, which Rodman dismissed as "just a letter."  Regardless of any other "pros" for Power's presentation, for that fatal error, Donald declared Power the losing team.

Plan B got the win, and Jillette's charity, Opportunity Village, scored 20 grand each from both Mr. and Mrs. Trump.

In the final boardroom, Rodman refused to see the seriousness of the mistake, which he blamed on an assistant who mocked up the material.  Adkins did the same thing, but since he was working hand-in-hand with her and didn't catch the mistake, Rodman called Adkins back to face off against Donald.

Because the typo was signed off on by Rodman, however, he was fired.

All-Star Celebrity Apprentice returns next Sunday night at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.

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