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Did Lindsay Lohan Steal from "Anger Management" Set?

Stefania D'Alessandro/Getty Images for amfAR(LOS ANGELES) -- Did Lindsay Lohan leave the Anger Management set on Wednesday with a lovely parting gift that doesn't belong to her?

E! News reports that Lohan, who taped a guest spot on Charlie Sheen's FX comedy this week, brought home a bracelet from the set on Monday, with the blessing of producers.  However, a source claims, the Mean Girls star kept "bracelets" from the set after finishing her work on the show on Wednesday.

E! News notes that the circumstances are unclear -- it's possible she may have been gifted the bracelets and didn't steal them.

In 2011, Lohan pleaded no contest to misdemeanor grand theft after she was accused of stealing a necklace from a Venice, Calif., jewelry store.

E! News quoted a source earlier this week who claimed that Lohan was a pain in the butt on the Anger Management set.  After leaving the set Wednesday, she flew to Brazil on business.

In her episode, set to air next month, she becomes a patient of Sheen's anger management therapist character, and develops a romance with him.  FX has released a clip of the two of them in bed together as part of their story line.

Sheen discusses his guest co-star in an interview with Entertainment Tonight set to air this Monday.

He says he is worried about Lohan due to her personal problems, but adds, "I think she seems a lot more focused now than she was five, six months ago.  There is a reason that I root for [her], because we fell in love with this little girl that was just an absolute genius and had this great light about her and that's still there.  You can't extinguish that."

When asked if he sees any of himself in Lohan, given his own struggles, Sheen responded in the affirmative: "But I, not to insult her because I'm who I am and she is who she is, I got things a little bit quicker or had better opportunities, better timing.  They let me off the hook a lot sooner than they seem to want to do with her."

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