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DJ Kid Capri Says He's Glad "Master of the Mix" Left BET

Moses Mitchell/VH1(NEW YORK) -- Master of the Mix, a competition that pits deejays against each other to win a chance at the title and $250,000, returns to TV on Monday on an all-new network: VH1. And DJ Kid Capri, the show's anchor judge, says he's glad the series left its previous network, BET.

"BET put us on at 12 o'clock at night on Saturday night," Capri told ABC News Radio, "...our crowd is hanging out at the clubs at that time."

Kid Capri, who has deejayed for the greatest in hip-hop, including recent Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees Public Enemy, said the stigma against BET also hurt the show. The deejay said he did an informal poll amongst his friends: "when I asked them about seeing the Master of the Mix show, they didn't say, 'I don't watch Master of the Mix.' They said, 'I don't watch BET.' So it became that."

Capri said the difference between Master of the Mix on BET and on VH1 is night and day. VH1 attended tapings, something that BET executives never did, Capri said, and extended the show from 30 minutes to an hour.

Along with those changes, two new judges have also been added: DJ Mia Moretti and Ben Maddahi.  Kid Capri thinks the additions -- neither judge is African-American -- is another indication that the deejay art form is now a worldwide phenomenon and not just an aspect of black culture.

"At one time we complained about [hip-hop] not getting to enough people. Now it's getting to everybody," Kid Capri told ABC News Radio. "So you can't deny the fact that you're gonna have white and Spanish and Mexican and Chinese and Japanese [people] all getting involved and wanting to get involved in a culture that is so big, and means so much to so many people."

A new set of deejays will battle it out on Master of the Mix, and Kid Capri said the mix master title will go to the deejay who has music knowledge, mixing skills and is a good showman. One thing that won't help contestants is their use of technology -- like one contestant who uses an iPad instead of turntables.

"I'm not fully with all of the technology that's coming out and taking away the essence of what it is," Capri said. "The essence of what a deejay is is two turntables, a mixer and a mic."

Season three of Master of the Mix is set to premiere on VH1 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Monday.

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