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"Duck Dynasty" Returns for Season Five

A&E Television(NEW YORK) -- After a storm of controversy over comments Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson made about homosexuality, the hit series returned Wednesday evening with a two-part, fifth season premiere.  Both episodes were shot before the flap, of which there was no mention by A&E.

When A&E suspended Robertson after his remarks in an interview with GQ were made public, fan outcry quickly made the cable network change its position, and as expected, Robertson did indeed appear in the two new shows.

The first episode centered around the return of Rebecca, the adopted Taiwanese daughter of Duck Commander COO Willie and his wife Korie Robertson.  What was supposed to be a visit from Los Angeles, where she was a design company intern, turned out to be more, as the 24-year-old surprised her father by announcing she was returning to her family's Louisiana home for good -- her tiny French bulldog in tow.

While Uncle Si was sidelined with what he said was bird flu, the rest of the family plotted a surprise "Welcome Home" party for the fashionable young woman.

The second installment saw Korie plot to get her cousin John David AKA Johnny D a job at her husband's multi-million dollar hunting gear operation, and when Willie meets the shaggy "sloppy hobo," his future employment didn't look promising.

Apart from his full-on, shaggy Duck Dynasty-style beard, Johnny didn't appear to be a good fit for the COO.  But a deftly delivered imitation of Jack Black from the comedy Nacho Libre nabbed him a job as Willie's assistant, much to the consternation of the rest of the company -- until the new assistant won the rest over by buying them a new basketball to replace a deflated one.

Meantime, Uncle Si led Jep's little ones on a not entirely age appropriate "treasure hunt" for candy he buried in the dirt.

Duck Dynasty returns next Wednesday, Jan. 23 at 10 p.m. ET.

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