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George Clooney Discusses Feud with "Daily Mail"

ABC/Randy Holmes(NEW YORK) -- George Clooney couldn't resist gloating when it came to discussing how he got the Daily Mail to apologize to him.

Clooney told Variety on Friday, "It's just fun to slap those bad guys every once in a while, knock 'em around."

The Daily Mail published a story earlier this month claiming that Clooney's future mother-in-law objected to his upcoming marriage to Amal Alamuddin for religious reasons. However, the British tabloid pulled the article and apologized after Clooney wrote an op-ed in USA Today saying the article was completely fabricated.

Clooney said he doesn't go after every tabloid for every false story, but this time he felt a line was crossed. He explained, "That's why you pick your fights at a tabloid. Every day they write things that aren't true, but every once in a while they write something that is actually dangerous to your family, and it's probably not true. And that’s the one you pick."

He said of the Daily Mail, "I would sit with my friends and we'd just go, 'So they just sat at a computer and just went, "OK, this is what I'm gonna say today.'" I mean, literally, because you just go, 'there isn't literally an element of truth in this.' You just laugh, and let it go. I'm used to it after all these years. But the thing that bothers me is how much the Daily Mail is now bleeding into American press and becoming a source for some pretty legitimate newspapers. So that’s the thing that worries me."

Though the Daily Mail issued an apology, Clooney refused to accept its mea culpa, writing in a second USA Today op-ed piece the report was a "premeditated lie."

On a happier note, Clooney offered Variety this thought on his engagement: "I'm marrying up."

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