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"Girls" Star Lena Dunham Reacts to Cover Photo Controversy 

Jessica Miglio/HBO(NEW YORK) -- Lena Dunham is slamming a website after it issued a bounty for untouched photos of the HBO star from her recent Vogue cover shoot.

The website Jezebel offered $10,000 for untouched images of the Girls star and creator and allegedly received six photos that show Dunham in a different light.

Dunham took on the issue on her Twitter feed writing, "Some s--t is just too ridiculous to engage. Let's use our energy wisely, 2014."

Speaking to Slate France, Dunham said, "I understand that for people there is a contradiction between what I do and being on the cover of Vogue; but frankly I really don't know what the photoshopping situation is, I can't look at myself really objectively in that way."

Dunham continued, "I know that I felt really like Vogue supported me and wanted to put a depiction of me on the cover. I never felt bullied into anything; I felt really happy because they dressed me and styled me in a way that really reflects who I am. And I felt that was very lucky and that all the editors understood my persona, my creativity and who I am."

"I haven’t been keeping track of all the reactions, but I know some people have been very angry about the cover and that confuses me a little. I don’t understand why, photoshop or no, having a woman who is different than the typical Vogue cover girl, could be a bad thing," Dunham said.

On the magazine's cover, shot by photographer Annie Leibovitz, Dunham's neck appears slimmer, her right eyebrow is filled in and her jawline appears more narrow. On a photo inside the magazine -- where Dunham is wearing a sleek black dress while resting on a tub -- it shows that photo editors at Vogue apparently removed the lines under Dunham's eyes, made her chin pointy, slimmed down her neck and covered up her cleavage.

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