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Gordon Ramsay Blasts Father-in-Law, Celeb Chefs

Bryan Steffy/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Gordon Ramsay, host of Kitchen Nightmares and Hell’s Kitchen, has had his share of disagreements.  The restaurateur didn’t hold back in his interview with Men’s Journal, where Ramsay lived up to his fiery image and went on the attack.

The Ferrari-racer and Forbes’ highest-paid chef goes after fellow chefs and critics, attacking celebrity chef Cat Cora for not coming on the show Master Chef unless she could be the winner and critic Frank Bruni for giving his NYC restaurant two stars.

Ramsay even tackles Iron Chef Bobby Flay.

“That’s why I laugh when they say, ‘Let’s see if he’s a real chef. Let’s get him up against Bobby Flay on Iron Chef.' I’m like, ‘F****** do me a favor…come on. I’ve forgotten more than he’s known!’” Ramsay told the magazine.

Flay could not be reached for comment.  Men’s Journal said Cat Cora’s rep denied the incident he described ever happened.

The chef turns to more personal matters when he addresses the firing of his father-in-law, Chris Hutcheson, who became his business partner after he married Hutcheson's daughter Tana in 1996.

“First my father let me down, and then my father-in-law let me down,” said the chef.  Ramsay said he hired a private investigator to keep tabs on his father-in-law after Hutcheson started taking out loans that seemed “excessive.”

Despite the family drama, the notoriously foul-mouthed chef doesn’t work on the weekends and says he doesn’t curse in front of his daughters.

“I think everyone should work their asses off five days a week,” he said, “but I am religious about not working weekends. I’m not even remotely interested in going in to shake hands with some Japanese god who wants to pay a fortune to say hello. Please. Not interested.”

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