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"Honey Boo Boo's" Pumpkin Busted for Cyberbullying

TLC/Chris Fraticelli(LOS ANGELES) -- Mama June, the no-nonsense matriarch on Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, has yanked away her daughter's Internet privileges after Mama discovered Pumpkin was cyberbullying two classmates.

TMZ reports 13-year-old Pumpkin, a.k.a. Lauryn Shannon, the older sister of Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson, was reportedly harassing the classmates with negative Instagram videos and posts -- all "in front" of Pumpkin's audience of thousands of followers.

The gossip site says Mama June discovered the situation when a mother of one of the harassed classmates flamed Mama's Facebook page, calling her a hypocrite because she has been an outspoken anti-bullying crusader.

"My family takes bullying very seriously," she tells TMZ.  "I do not tolerate it.  As a mom, I jumped in, reached out to the parent and took action."

When she found out, Mama not only banned Pumpkin from using the Internet, she made her apologize -- and post an apology video.

In Pumpkin's defense, Mama has said in the past that her daughter's "been crazy since she was hit by lightning."

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