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Jennifer Lopez Finally Sends Her 'Love?' to Fans

Island Records(NEW YORK) -- Jennifer Lopez has spent about two years working on her new album, but now it's finally here: the CD called Love? hits stores Tuesday.

Lopez has lined up a slew of appearances to promote the new disc -- her first since 2007 -- including a performance this Thursday on American Idol.  She'll also appear on The Tonight Show May 9, and will do a trifecta on May 10: The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Conan and Lopez Tonight.

As for why Lopez included the question mark in the title of her album, she told ABC News Radio, "Love is that topic that complex, kinda confusing, exhilarating, and totally mind-boggling, and that's why the question mark."

She added that she's been trying to figure out love since she first experienced it at age 13, and it's still a mystery -- even though she's now happily married.  As she put it, "I've been on that journey kind of trying to figure out ever since, and at this point in my life, I still have questions."

So far, everything that fans have heard from Lopez's album have been dance tracks, like the current single "On the Floor."  In fact, Lady Gaga co-wrote two dance songs for the disc.  But Lopez said the album's more than that.

"I love the dance stuff, and I love all the energy of that, and the love and the emotion in those," she explained.  "But [once] you get past the dance, and past the party, and you start listening to some of the lyrics on the album, hopefully, it's going to provoke some good questions."

Lopez also said that being an American Idol judge has given her some musical inspiration.

She explained, "Working with the're mentoring them, but at the same time, you're learning so much about yourself, so yeah, it makes you inspired as well to get back and do it."

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