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"Jersey Shore" Finale: The Gang Says Goodbye

MTV Networks(NEW YORK) -- The last-ever installment of Jersey Shore began with the gang having a bonfire on the beach, at which, despite Sitch bragging he's in the best shape of his life, Jionni smoked him in football.  Proud, Snooki said it would mean he gets extra "pee pee time."

The girls went to the tanning salon, where Paula left Sitch some dessert.  At home, the gang debated the wisdom of eating a cake made by a jilted ex, but Sitch and Pauly -- and apparently Deena -- partake.

Pauly and Vinny tried to move Ronnie and Sam's inflatable bed as a prank, but accidentally popped it.  Ronnie tries to refill it, but then starts blaming Sam, as the prank was retribution for an earlier gag she pulled on the guys.

Pauly and Mike celebrated their birthdays, and shortly after that, Ronnie goes ballistic on Sam because she wasn't apologetic enough about the prank.  They talk about breaking up, but eventually kiss and make up.

The gang went back to the tanning salon, and Paula's co-workers showed a picture to the roomies that showed the cake Sitch and Pauly ate had been touched by a part of a man's anatomy.  Ronnie dubbed the consumed dessert "nut cake." 

When Sitch tried to confront Paula about it over the phone, she pretended she can't hear him.  Furious, Sitch destroyed the house's hated duck phone once and for all.  In fact, the finale ended with an "In Memoriam" segment to the device.

The series ended where it began: with the roomies hanging out on the deck, looking back at what happened to them.

The next morning, the gang packed up, and shared tears in front of the Seaside Heights home they shared.

After the finale, the gang got together again for a live reunion show.

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