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'Jersey Shore' Star Complains About TSA Treatment

Bill McCay/WireImage(FARGO, N.D.) -- Jersey Shore star JWOWW claims she was "treated like a criminal" by security at Fargo’s Hector International Airport in North Dakota.

JWOWW, whose real name is Jenni Farley, tweeted that being selected for a pat-down by Transportation Security Administration officers seemed “odd and deliberate.”

“I’ve been patted down a bunch n don’t mind but after I’m getting on a plane seems odd and deliberate to me,” she wrote. “Hate when people abuse authority.”

The reality star says she noticed a TSA officer pointing at her while she was getting coffee earlier.  JWOWW was in Fargo Saturday to make an appearance at a local club.

The TSA responded to the incident by telling, “As part of TSA’s layered approach to security, passengers may be subject to various random screening measures at the checkpoint or the gate. In this case, a number of passengers were randomly selected according to a pre-set protocol for gate screening prior to boarding an aircraft.”

JWOWW tweeted about having been “patted down,” but the TSA claims the "particular screening protocol consisted of a simple swab of passenger’s hands and did not include a pat down or additional screening of carry-on items."

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