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Jimmy Kimmel Gets Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

ABC/RANDY HOLMES(LOS ANGELES) -- ABC late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel was honored with the 2,489th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Friday afternoon.  Kimmel's star is located right in front of the El Capitan Entertainment Centre where he tapes Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Of course Kimmel's thank you speech was littered with jokes.  While thanking his parents, Joann Iacono and James Kimmel, who are often featured on the show, he said, "My parents brought me here to Hollywood to visit the Walk of Fame when I was 10 years old.  And I never imagined they would leave me here to fend for myself, and I will never forgive them for that."

Carson Daly, who started off his career as Kimmel's intern at a radio station, gave his own remarks that resembled a roast, saying, "Jimmy's show tapes right here and it seems like there's a big turnout for his star ceremony, but it's really just the family members that work for him taking a smoke break."

Kimmel is known for showcasing his family on his late night show.  Besides using his parents on the air, Kimmel's cousin writes for the show, his brother is a director and fans enjoyed Kimmel's Uncle Frank, who was often featured on the show until he died in 2011.

Kimmel's star, which the comedian believes "people are going to pee on," is located at 6840 Hollywood Boulevard.

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