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Kevin Costner Wrote Whitney Houston About Her Drug Use, Actor Says

ABC/Ida Mae Astute(NEW YORK) -- Kevin Costner and the late Whitney Houston formed a unique friendship, thanks to co-starring in the 1992 romantic thriller The Bodyguard, which became the second highest-grossing film worldwide when it was released. On Thursday's Good Morning America, Costner admitted that although Houston's family asked him to give her eulogy after her death in February, he was nervous about his remarks.

"You can't be everything to everyone and how people choose to deal with it is something I was speaking to in the room," Costner said of his funeral address. "Oprah was in the room and Diane Sawyer and all those people I wish were up there speaking instead of myself. What was I going to say?"

The 57-year-old actor and director figured out exactly what to say, crafting a heartwarming eulogy that spoke of his and Houston's similarities growing up in Baptist churches. Costner also spoke of Houston's insecurities as a public figure -- anxieties that led to her drug use.

"I saw pretty much what everybody else saw," Costner said of Houston's drug use. "I was asked a couple times by closer friends of hers to write her a note. I did. ...I don't know if she ever read them."

"She was a very important person to me," Costner declared. "The world has connected us in a way that we'll never not be."

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