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Kevin Hart Takes It Off in "Think Like a Man Too," Says Part Three 'Could Be Created'

Sony/Screen Gems(NEW YORK) -- Our favorite couples are back in the new sequel, Think Like a Man Too, as the gang celebrates in Las Vegas before one couple walks down the aisle. The reigning King of Comedy, Kevin Hart, tells ABC News Radio that his smack-talking character Cedric gets into a lot of trouble in Sin City because he makes one bad assumption -- that he's the best man in the wedding.

"I assume that it was given to me," Hart continues. "No one corrects me and they allow me to go full throttle with what I assume it is. So that being the case, it puts me in a position where I just become a control freak and put myself against everybody else."

Hart had to do some research for the role as a best man, especially since off-screen, the actor says no one has ever asked him to be a best man before.

"Never, which really bothers me because I have a lot of friends that got married," he quips. "You know, I'm a good dude, man. I've been invited to their weddings but they just haven't really asked me to be a part of it."

At the start of the film, Hart's character Cedric is separated from his wife, played by Wendy Williams. And although fans wanted to see more of the loud-mouthed daytime talk show host in the sequel to 2012's Think Like a Man, Williams holds down a small role, never even appearing in the same scene as Hart. Is it because of Williams' well known reservations when it comes to acting? On her daytime talk show, Williams previously said she'd never do a kissing scene nor an intimate love scene.

"No! If I want to kiss Wendy, I'll kiss Wendy!" Hart says, laughing. "No, man. Look, Wendy's a great girl and whatever her stipulations are to her profession is what she should stick to."

Hart on the other hand has little reservations as an actor, and moviegoers will see more of him than ever before thanks to one scene in a jacuzzi.

Hart jokes to ABC News Radio he's now considered a sex symbol. "Well you know, that's because I showed the bulge," he adds, laughing. "The bulge is what I call my package. You know, there's a scene in there where I got the little jockey shorts on."

Undoubtedly, Hart will make you laugh in Think Like a Man Too. Still, the comedian says co-stars Regina Hall and Gabrielle Union also score some laughs. In fact, Hart feels the women -- Hall, Union, Taraji P. Henson, La La Anthony and Meagan Good -- make the movie "because their story is lifted and you get to see the women interact with each other way more than you did in Part One," he explains. "Because they didn't really interact at all. There was a couple of scenes, but you didn't see them as a group. And I think in this movie, it's not just about relationships, it's about showing them be friends."

Already many are buzzing that the sequel to the film adaptation of Steve Harvey's best-selling book, Act Like a Lady, Think Like A Man is better than the first film, which scored big at the box office. Could a third installment be coming?

"The box office determines that, you know, if people go out and see it," Hart says. "We left it where another story line could be created. It's just about what our audience wants. You can't force feed things down people's throats. If people want it they'll go see it and then by the amount of people that supported the film, you can go: 'Hey! We can do another one because people came for Part One to Part Two.'"

Think Like A Man Too, which also stars Terrence Jenkins, Michael Ealy, Jerry Ferrara, Romany Malco and Gary Owen, is in theaters Friday.

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