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Lady Gaga Rocks Biggest 'Good Morning America' Crowd Ever 

ABC News(NEW YORK) -- Thousands of Little Monsters -- 7,000 of them, to be exact -- crowded into Rumsey Playfield at New York City's Central Park early Friday morning to watch Mother Monster herself -- Lady Gaga -- kick off Good Morning America's Summer Concert Series.  It was the biggest crowd ever for a GMA concert in Central Park.  Gaga made quite the entrance, zip-lining down to the stage wearing a red bodysuit with black polka dots and a white cape, and performing "Bad Romance" on a silver stage accompanied by scantily-clad male and female dancers in black and gold.  That was just one of five songs that Gaga performed, each with a different costume.

Among Gaga's looks were a gold lamé bolo jacket and a headpiece with huge gold horns, and a shiny black vinyl coat with massive pointy shoulders and a black veil. She performed "Judas," "The Edge of Glory" and "Born This Way" as the fans went wild, jumping up and down and making the signature "paws up" gesture -- arm upraised, hand bent into a claw.  For her final number, "Hair," Gaga played a "piano-corn" -- a life-size black unicorn with a purple horn that had a piano built into its side.

Noting that she grew up five blocks from Central Park, Gaga said playing there was "an absolute dream come true."  She added, "I'm so excited and so blessed to be here, and to be honest, to see so many people here to listen to my music makes me so proud."

Some of Gaga's devoted fans camped out for two days to see the concert, and many traveled from all over the country -- and even all over the world.  Many came dressed in Gaga regalia, sporting variations on her many looks.  Some women wore soda cans rolled in their hair; others sported leather jackets, sunglasses and fishnets.  At least one guy was dressed like a silver unicorn, and another one wore a black mesh face mask, jeweled eye mask and black cape.  One male fan was in full Gaga drag, including bra and blonde wig.

So why does Gaga inspire such devotion?  One fan said, "She just makes you have fun and be whatever you are."  Another explained, "She's able to take something old from older generations and present it to a new audience...and make it fresh and make it new. "  Still another fan said, "She just has a really great message, and she loves her fans and she's very accepting of everybody. She wants you to be yourself and love who you are and I just love that message."

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