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Lady Gaga Suing Over 'Baby Gaga' Ice Cream

Kevin Winter/Getty Images(LONDON) -- Lady Gaga is suing a London ice cream store that's selling a flavor called Baby Gaga.  And it's not just any ice cream flavor: it's made from from human breast milk.

The London Evening Standard reports that the singer's lawyers have begun legal proceedings against the store, called The Icecreamists, and not just for naming the flavor Baby Gaga, but also for hiring a Gaga look-alike to sell it.

In legal documents, the store is being accused of "riding on the coattails" and "taking advantage of the reputation and goodwill" of Lady Gaga by hiring the look-alike to sell what they describe as a "deliberately provocative, nausea-inducing" product.  The lawyers are demanding that the shop change the product's name to something "which is not aurally, visually or conceptually similar to Lady Gaga" or they're going to find themselves with a lawsuit on their hands.

Matt O'Connor, the owner of The Icecreamists, which has been paying women about $30 for every 10 ounces of breast milk they sell him, tells the Evening Standard that he thinks the legal action is "utterly ridiculous" and that he plans to "fight the case to the end."

As for whether his product is distasteful, O'Connor says, "Perhaps she should reflect on her blood-spurting performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, or the fact that she wears clothes fabricated from the flesh of dead animals."

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