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Lindsay Lohan Goes to Jail and Back on "Anger Management"

Byron Cohen/FX Network(NEW YORK) -- Thursday night's airing of FX's Anger Management featured Lindsay Lohan's much-hyped guest spot, which riffs on Lohan's many public failings.

The star, playing herself, seeks help from Charlie Sheen's anger management therapist character after she hits bottom: shooting a Japanese commercial for a whiskey-flavored gum.

Fitting with Sheen's character, he sleeps with the troubled star-turned patient, who -- like the real Lohan, apparently -- drinks too much and has trouble keeping her mitts off of things that don't belong to her.

The episode also features Lohan attending a group therapy session in prison, part of a community service stint.  As she's been accused in real life, she also bags out early, telling the inmates, "If anybody asks, I was here for the full hour."

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