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Lindsay Lohan Says Mom Wasn't on Cocaine During Spat

Stefania D'Alessandro/Getty Images for amfAR(LOS ANGELES) -- An emotional Lindsay Lohan herself called into TMZ on Thursday to settle who and what was behind the much-hyped fight she had with her mom early Wednesday morning during a limo ride to Dina Lohan's Long Island, N.Y., home.

Lindsay told the gossip site's Harvey Levin that she telephoned her father Michael Lohan in the middle of the fight -- and it was her own dad who sold the recorded call to the media.

"Who would do that to his own daughter?" she asked.  "He doesn't know what it means to be a father."

Lindsay not only claimed her father was behind the tape, but claimed it had been edited to hurt her mom. 

While the actress accused Dina Lohan of being on cocaine during the fight, she admitted to TMZ, "I told him a very hurtful, untruthful lie about my mom does not do cocaine."

The troubled actress told Levin, "I think everyone kind of knows that my father's main objective has always gain all he can from my name," adding that his "hunger for fame" is embarrassing.

Lindsay denied she was hurt in the spat with her mom -- as was claimed -- and accused her dad of calling the cops after the fight.

"Daughters have fights with their moms.  It happens a lot.  It's normal," she insisted.

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