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Manslaughter Trial to Begin for Michael Jackson’s Physician

David McNew-Pool/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- Opening statements in Dr. Conrad Murray's trial begin Tuesday morning in Los Angeles.

Murray, Michael Jackson's personal physician, is accused of involuntary manslaughter in the death of the King of Pop resulting from the administration of the powerful anesthetic propofol in June of 2009.  He has pleaded not guilty and faces four years in prison if convicted.  

Michael's brother Jermaine Jackson is eager for the trial to begin, telling ABC News Radio, "We need answers."

In his new book You Are Not Alone Michael: Through a Brother's Eyes, Jermaine contends that in mid-June, while his brother was rehearsing for his This Is It series of concerts, Michael's health "inexplicably" began to deteriorate.  He began missing on-stage cues, would forget his lyrics and seemed very weak. 

Jermaine also says that Michael lost a great deal of weight, and was cold all the time, and claims that Michael's makeup artist and wardrobe personnel were "pleading with someone in authority to intervene" and get the singer medical help.

Jermaine feels that AEG, the company that was promoting the shows, should have reached out to the Jackson family at that point, but no one ever did.  Instead, he says the company harassed Michael about his no-shows at rehearsals, and told him he was in danger of "losing everything" if he didn't shape up.  About 10 days later, he was dead.

That's why Jermaine feels that it's not only Dr. Murray who is responsible for his brother's death.

"It was negligence," Jermaine tells ABC News Radio.

Brian Oxman, the attorney for Jackson's father Joe, thinks the concert promoters and other people around the pop star should also be on trial.

“We have a situation here where Michael Jackson died under the most strange, bizarre circumstances.  And only one man is being blamed for it.  And that simply is not true.  There are a host of people who were responsible,” Oxman says.

When asked why AEG would put Michael's health in jeopardy if the company stood to make millions from the This Is It concerts, Jermaine told ABC News Radio, "This is why we're waiting for the trial.  We need answers, because these are a lot of questions that are going through our minds as a family."

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