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Marlon Wayans Is Looking for the Next Big Comedian on "Funniest Wins"

CHRISTOPHER BEYER/TBS(NEW YORK) -- Marlon Wayans returns to the small screen in a brand new show he created, Funniest Wins. Wayans, who also serves as the host for the show, tells ABC News Radio that Funniest Wins "is a reality, comedy, competition show and it's kind of like trying to find the next 360 comedian."

Wayans adds that the show hopes to feature "somebody that can not just do stand-up, but somebody that can do sketch, stand-up, musical parody, digital shorts [and] vineing."

What's vineing, you might ask? Well it's the act of using Twitter's Vine platform to make six-second videos for laughs such as competitor Ryan Doon, who has over two million Vine followers.

Wayans says it was essential for his show to have competitors who represented traditional stand-up comedians along with new age comics, who make people laugh on social networks. "Because it's the old school versus the new school and it's important to make sure that this crosses generations. A lot of stand-up's that are old school are like, 'Man, you don't know nothing until you get on the microphone,' but then when you challenge them in a Vine they don't do so well," he explains. "Hopefully throughout this whole journey all of these guys become more well rounded."

Funniest Wins is the latest effort for Wayans, who comes from a long lineage of funny guys, to help comics.

"I think it's my duty to comedy to always try and give any up-and-coming comedian as much advice as I can," he explains. "Even on Instagram and Twitter, you know, people ask me questions all the time. I try to help them out because I want to see people do well."

The best advice he gives to comics is: "Don't be afraid to bomb. In order to get good, you gotta bomb. You can't always do it for the laughs. Sometimes you have to do it for the expression, sometimes you have to do it for the truth and then you'll find the funny," Wayans says.

Funniest Wins premieres Friday at 10 p.m. ET/PT on TBS.

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