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Mel Gibson is back to comedy with "Daddy's Home 2" -- and maybe back to "Lethal Weapon"? 

ABC/Lorenzo Bevilaqua(NEW YORK) -- Mel Gibson's multiple-Oscar-nominated Hacksaw Ridge was hailed for its unflinching look at one of the bloodier battles of World War II, but he switched gears for his follow-up, this weekend's comedy release Daddy's Home 2

The sequel to the 2015 sleeper hit that starred Will Ferrell as the square stepdad to his stepkids' much cooler biological dad Mark Wahlberg has Mel playing the one man who can make Mark's character Dusty shake in his motorcycle boots: his own dad.

Playing Gibson's opposite is John Lithgow as Ferrell's overly affectionate pop.

The switch back to comedy, like his 2000 hit What Women Want, was a welcome palette cleanser after Hacksaw, Mel tells ABC Radio. "The change of pace is just, by golly, refreshing...You know, it's been a while since I have done a comedy. You know, I think there's room for more of that kinda stuff. Life's too damn serious these days."

Wahlberg and Ferrell previously starred in The Other Guys together, as well. "Watching those guys work, I mean, their minds are -- they have ... this improvisational shorthand [now]," Gibson enthuses. "You can just sit there for a quarter of an hour while these guys go on a riff about God knows what. You know, they'll talk about Parmesan cheese shavings or, you know, whatever ... It just gets out there."

Speaking of shorthand, ABC Radio wanted to know what it would take to reunite Mel, Danny Glover and director Richard Donner for a fifth Lethal Weapon. "Ah, I dunno, not too much," Gibson said. "I think a good script would do it. [S]o long as nobody's dropped off the perch, I think we're all right, you know?"

Gibson said of his friend Donner, 87, "He's not a youngster, but he's still got the goods."

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