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"Men in Black 3," "Skyfall" Most Error-Strewn Movies of 2012

Columbia Pictures(LOS ANGELES) -- The annual roundup of the most error-strewn movies has been released by Moviemistakes.Com.  Men in Black 3 leads the 2012 list with a total of 63 mistakes, including continuity gaffes such as items moving around between shots and characters changing positions.

In one scene, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones’ characters are seen falling from a roof onto a door, landing opposite from one another.  In the next shot, viewed from a different angle, they are seen lying next to each other.

Another culprit is Skyfall, where Daniel Craig’s James Bond is shown completely dry minutes after falling into icy water.  It’s one of 35 mistakes in the film, which also shows “instant” changes of footwear and a scene where Bond grabs a bottle of liquor, shown to be 80 percent full, which is reduced to 20 percent full after one small pour is taken.

Rounding out the top five worst offenders are The Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spider-Man, tied with 24 mistakes apiece, and The Avengers with 22 errors.

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