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Mitt Romney Slow Jams with Jimmy Fallon, Takes Selfies with Zach Braff

Photo by: Lloyd Bishop/NBC(NEW YORK) -- He may not be painting masterpieces like George W. Bush, or tooting the saxophone a la Bill Clinton, but life after politics is looking pretty rosy for Mitt Romney. From slow jamming the news with Jimmy Fallon to a blossoming bromance with Zach Braff, the former Massachusetts governor and Republican presidential candidate had a busy day on Friday. Here’s a look at his amazing night.

A visibly relaxed Romney sporting blue jeans and blazer joined the ranks of former Late Night With Jimmy Fallon guests like President Obama and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie who have slow jammed the news with host Jimmy Fallon.

Fallon and Romney, together with The Roots’ Questlove Jenkins, crooned a series of digs and double entendres throughout the jam, tackling topics like President Obama’s upcoming State of the Union address and NSA surveillance allegations.

“President Obama looked the American people up and down and said: ‘I’d tap that,” Fallon lulled, later cutting a gibe at Romney about his 47 percent remark. A “low blow,” but “pretty funny, ” Romney conceded.

Romney also seized the opportunity to tout the new documentary out on Netflix simply titled MITT, while Fallon couldn’t pass up mentioning the former governor’s “Gangnam Style” dancing antics at a Mormon Church Event in Maryland last week.

After the show, a chance run-in with director/actor Zach Braff at John F. Kennedy International Airport sparked a Twitter exchange that lasted throughout the pair’s four-and-a-half-hour flight back to Salt Lake City.

Somehow winding up as seatmates, Romney tweeted with this selfie of the unlikely buddies.



Braff even called Romney a “very cool dude.” But ever the diplomat, Braff didn’t want his other friends to feel left out, saying he reached out to the President.



As the new friends parted ways, Romney promising he would attend the screening of Braff’s new indie film Wish I Was Here, in Park city on Saturday, while Fallon followed up with a short thank you tweet for last night’s news jam.



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