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More Weinstein fallout: Ben Affleck apologizes for groping actress Hilarie Burton; Cara Delevigne reveals harassment story of her own

ABC/Randy Holmes(LOS ANGELES) -- This week, Ben Affleck was one of the many stars who took to Twitter to condemn movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, saying the allegations of sexual harassment and abuse by the producer “made me sick.”  Now, Affleck himself has been dragged into the conversation.

One of Weinstein's original accusers, actress Rose McGowan, responded to Affleck’s tweet by writing, "You lie," alleging that Ben knew about Weinstein's behavior years prior.  Then, another Twitter user said of Affleck, “He also grabbed Hilarie Burton's breasts on [MTV's] TRL once. Everyone forgot though."

"I didn't forget," responded Burton, who’s now married to The Walking Dead's Jeffrey Dean Morgan and expecting the couple’s second child.

A video of Affleck’s offending grope was posted online as proof, but quickly deleted. What remained was a clip of Burton at the time talking about what happened.  The online accusation led Affleck to issue a mea culpa of his own, writing, "I acted inappropriately toward Ms. Burton and I sincerely apologize."

Meanwhile, the list of stars coming forward to claim Weinstein harassed them continues to grow. The latest is Valerian star Cara Delevigne, who wrote on Instagram that she had been "terrified" by an encounter with the producer during in a hotel meeting.

The actress, who is bisexual, noted that Weinstein asked her many "inappropriate" questions about her sexuality, and later arranged her to kiss another woman present.  She tried to leave, she says, but writes, "He walked me to the door and stood in front of it and tried to kiss me on the lips. I stopped him and managed to get out of the room."

She advised her followers, "I want women and girls to know that being harassed or abused or raped is NEVER their fault."

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