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Movie Review: “Moms’ Night Out” (Rated PG)

TriStar(NEW YORK) -- In Moms’ Night Out, Sarah Drew (Grey’s Anatomy, Mad Men) plays Allyson, a neurotic, stay-at-home wannabe mommy blogger who seems to be in constant state of panic that something awful is going to happen to her three young children.  Like so many other moms, she becomes so consumed with her kids’ lives, she forgets about her own.
Allyson’s best friends are the pastor’s wife, Sondra (Patricia Heaton), and Izzy (Andrea Logan White). They’re moms, too: Sondra has a 16-year-old daughter she won’t let date until she turns 17, and Izzy’s husband has zero confidence in his ability to take care of their kids.
Neither situation is ideal for these moms to try to enjoy a night out, but that doesn’t stop them from dressing up and giving it a try.  It doesn’t exactly work out: everything goes wrong, including a blown restaurant reservation, a stolen mini-van and a lost baby.
The first five minutes of Moms’ Night Out show real promise, but that promise is soon broken.  Drew, a fine actress, doesn’t fit in this role.  It's difficult to buy her as a taxed, overworked, stay-at-home mother of three, but give her credit for doing her miscast best with the part.
Moms’ Night Out teeters on the absurd, which can certainly be entertaining.  But here, it’s not: it’s boring and not particularly funny.  If you’re thinking of seeing Moms’ Night Out, you’re better off just staying home.
Two out of five stars.

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