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Movie Review: 'Sucker Punch'

Warner Bros.(NEW YORK) -- In the highly stylized and equally atrocious Sucker Punch, Emily Browning is Baby Doll.  After her stepfather frames her for the murder of her sister, she winds up in a mental institution with the promise of a lobotomy -- procedure that will seem appealing to you halfway through this "movie."

In a complete break from reality, Baby Doll creates an alternate world in which she and a team of scantily-clad inmates hatch a plan to escape.  Within that world, Baby Doll imagines scenarios in which she and her sisters-in-thongs fight off zombie Nazis and Sauron's-army-central-casting rejects from Lord of the Rings.

The dialogue is completely inane with gems like, "Take that you ugly mother."  The most sensible line in Sucker Punch comes from a fire-breathing dragon who says, "Roarrrrrrrrr!"

On a positive note, the music is cool!  Browning's cover of "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These)" is particularly haunting but, unfortunately, it will forever be associated with this mess.

Writer/director Zach Snyder worked hard on Sucker Punch but he should've worked harder on constructing a good story.  One out of five stars.  

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