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"Neighborhood Watch" Will March On, Says Ben Stiller

PRNewsFoto/Paramount Digital Entertainment, Theo Wargo(LOS ANGELES) -- As previously reported, in the wake of the Trayvon Martin killing allegedly at the hands of a Florida neighborhood watch volunteer, the producers of the upcoming Ben Stiller movie Neighborhood Watch have pulled the movie's trailers and posters from Sunshine State theaters.  But it appears the movie will still make its July 27 release date.

"We are very sensitive to what’s going on,” producer Shawn Levy tells Entertainment Weekly.  “But other than the name of the organization, there is zero overlap between the movie and what’s going on in Florida."

The comedy pits buddies Vince Vaughn, Stiller and other members of a watch group against an alien invasion.

“You’re talking to the guy who had the first comedy out after 9/11,” Stiller comments.  “We just put Zoolander out there.  There were questions about whether it was too early for a comedy, but we couldn’t find a reason why there shouldn’t be a comedy in the world.”

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