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"Newsroom" Creator Denies Conflict with Star Olivia Munn

Melissa Moseley/HBO(LOS ANGELES) -- Aaron Sorkin, the creator of the HBO drama The Newsroom, is denying a rumor that he and the show's star, Jeff Daniels, don't get along with Olivia Munn, who plays a financial reporter on the series.

Radar Online had quoted a source as saying Munn's "know-it-all attitude" bothered Sorkin and Daniels and created a "poisonous atmosphere" between her and Sorkin.

Sorkin says in a statement to E! Online that "the story bears no resemblance to reality."

"Olivia is a perfect cast member who is loved and respected by the entire cast, by the crew and the producers, by HBO and especially by me," says Sorkin.

The Newsroom is expected back for a third season this year.

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