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Pia Toscano Signs Record Deal

ABC News(NEW YORK) -- Though America decided Pia Toscano wasn't worthy of making it into the top eight on American Idol, Interscope Records apparently thinks the singer is still worthy of a record deal.  

Antonina Armato of the production team Rock Mafia -- who worked with all of the finalists this past season on Idol -- tells ABC News Radio, "[Pia] just got signed to Interscope. We just finished a song with her called 'Counterfeit,' which is phenomenal...and we did another song for her as well."

The other song is called "Dreamgirl," but Armato and partner Tim James aren't sure if that tune will appear on Toscano's album.  As for "Counterfeit," Armato says Pia sang it "amazingly."  

The deal with Interscope came about quickly, according to Armato.

"They just made the decision a few days ago to actually pull the trigger to sign the deal," she explained. "They have to decide...I guess there's a certain amount of days after American Idol, where you decide, if you're not the winner, if they're actually going to get a record deal."

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