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"Reading Rainbow" Shooting for Kickstarter Record

Ben Horton/FilmMagic(NEW YORK) -- While LaVar Burton famously hit a million dollar goal within hours of launching a Kickstarter campaign to bring back a modern version of Reading Rainbow, the actor and the educational show's other champions are aiming even higher.

One million bucks is enough to bring a revamped, interactive version of Reading Rainbow to the web, as well as fund free subscriptions for more than 1,500 classrooms.

The Kickstarter's take currently stands at more than 3.8 million bucks, however, the next high water mark is five million dollars, which the site says will not only bring Reading Rainbow to mobile and console platforms, but will also fund at least 7,500 classroom subscriptions.

However, one of the campaign's organizers tells ABC News Radio exclusively they'd "love" to break Kickstarter's all-time record when the campaign expires in 15 days. That high water mark was the 10.2 million raised by the makers of the wired Pebble Watch.

Whether or not Reading Rainbow's Kickstarter hits those new goals, the organizer says every dollar raised helps the campaign's bottom line, to bring the Emmy-winning brand back, "for every child, everywhere."

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