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Report: "Star Wars" Spin-offs Could Focus on Han Solo, Boba Fett

Ethan Miller/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- Earlier this week, Disney announced it will develop Star Wars spin-off movies.  Two of those films could center around the Han Solo and Boba Fett characters, and Darth Vader could conceivably appear in them as well, according to a new Entertainment Weekly report.

The Han Solo project would be an original story set in between the events of the prequel Revenge of the Sith -- the most recent Star Wars flick -- and the original Star Wars movie.   

Entertainment Weekly speculates it's possible that Harrison Ford, who played Solo in the original trilogy, could appear in the spin-off -- however, fans could tell you for the pre-Episode IV timeline to make sense, a much younger Solo would need to be cast.

The proposed Boba Fett story would follow the bounty hunter sometime between the events of the original Star Wars and the final film in the initial trilogy, Return of the Jedi, the magazine notes.  In that chapter, the character who cashed a bounty on Solo's head met an inglorious end when he accidentally rocketed into a sarlacc's belly -- however Fett's popularity with fans led him to survive the encounter, at least according to subsequent comics and novels.

Last year, before Lucasfilm was sold to Disney, Captain America director Joe Johnston said he's urged George Lucas to let him craft a Boba Fett movie; because of the sale, the decision becomes Disney's to make, and Fett's fanbase makes the character a no-brainer for a spin-off.

Incidentally, Johnston knows more than a thing or two about the character: he worked on the original Star Wars trilogy and helped design Fett's iconic, weapons-laden suit, and even wore it for early promotional appearances.

There were rumors earlier this week that a Yoda spin-off was also being considered; Entertainment Weekly cautions that the projects are in the very early stages of development and that plans could change.

Disney is already planning on a new, separate trilogy of Star Wars movies, the first of which will be directed by J.J. Abrams and is scheduled to be released in 2015.

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