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Ryan Reynolds hides "Deadpool 2" sneak peek in Bob Ross spoof

20th Century Fox(LOS ANGELES) -- Ryan Reynolds has just revealed a clever guerrilla promotion that's giving fans their first peek of his Deadpool 2.

On his Twitter account -- on which he previously extolled the relaxing virtues of the late Bob Ross' TV show The Joy of Painting -- Deadpool spoofs the famously fuzzy-haired paartistinter. 

Dressed like Ross, complete with trademark afro, over Deadpool's costume, our hero copies Ross' breathy delivery as he paints a canvas using colors like "Betty White" and "Yellow Snow."

It doesn't take long for the bit to go off the rails, with Deadpool comparing a painted winter scene to "cascading white powder," adding, "God I love cocaine.  So much."  There are also more than a few sexual references, none of which we can repeat. 

About halfway through, we also get our first glimpses of Deadpool 2 footage, including gunplay, Deadpool popping out of a casket, and glimpses of returning stars Brianna Hildebrand as a bird-flipping Negasonic Teenage Warhead, T.J. Miller as Weasel, and Leslie Uggams as Blind Al.  There's also an blink-and-you'll-miss-it shot of series newcomer Zazie Beetz busting down a door as Domino.

Deadpool later reveals his finished painting: the same Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving spoof seen in a Good Housekeeping promotional issue earlier this weel. 

Pay attention to the video credits, too, which include names like Blanche Derereaux -- another Deadpool/Golden Girls reference -- as well as "Geordie Laforge," from Star Trek: The Next Generation."  Security is credited to Dalton -- a reference to Patrick Swayze's Road House bouncer character.

There's even a mini after-credits scene, with a cybernetic hand, belonging to Josh Brolin's Cable, grabbing a grenade launcher.

Deadpool 2's scheduled for release June 1 of next year.

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