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Salma Hayek Enjoys Being Super-Rich

Venturelli/WireImage(NEW YORK) -- Actress Salma Hayek married French billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault in February 2009, and she's enjoying the lavish lifestyle that goes with having a billionaire for a husband.  Hayek, who has a four-year-old daughter with Pinault, says in the September issue of Allure, "I never understood the point of being privileged if you don't get to have the privileges."

She explains, "Like, people who won't take their kids to an expensive restaurant, or won't travel with them, or [who] make them pay for everything at a really young age. I think it's important that kids have responsibilities and understand the value of things, but I think it's great I get to travel the world with my daughter."

The New York Post reports that in addition to vacations and gifts, Pinault, who is worth more than 11 billion dollars, spends $50,000 a month from a trust fund on his daughter.  In addition, Pinault has a son with supermodel Linda Evangelista who was conceived during a break in his relationship with Hayek.  However, Evangelista only gets a mere $46,000 a month in child support for her son Augustin James.

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