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"Scandal" Season Finale Recap: "Dad?"

ABC/CRAIG SJODIN(NEW YORK) -- On the season finale of Scandal, President Fitzgerald joined his inner circle of advisers -- Hollis Doyle, Cyrus Beene, Olivia Pope and his wife Mellie -- to figure out what to do about the mole, Billy Chambers.

Billy has evidence that proves Fitz stole the White House in the general election, but Olivia crafted a plan to get it back.

After the meeting was adjourned, Fitz couldn't keep his hands off of Olivia. And he still wanted Liv to move into the White House after he divorced Mellie. Fitz convinced Olivia to craft a plan to make the American public fall in love with her. "Use your superpower," Fitz told Olivia.

Later, the unnamed CIA head asked Jake Ballard to bring Olivia in, presumably to kill her. Jake didn't want to do it, so another CIA member broke into Olivia's apartment. Jake was there waiting in the wings to protect her, and killed the CIA agent before the agent could presumably kill Olivia.

Meanwhile, Cyrus left the hospital early to come check on Olivia, who by then was at her office. "Someone tried to kill me tonight," she told Cyrus. And after she revealed that she still wanted to be with Fitz, even after her near death experience, Cyrus told her something that was sure to change her mind: the president killed her friend, Verna Thornton, the dying Supreme Court Justice. "That is who you're in love with," he added.

Later, Cyrus did his best to turn the president away from Olivia as well. He finally showed him the sex tape Jake made when he slept with Olivia.

And after trying to find the Cytron card, the one piece of evidence that revealed the president stole the White House, Olivia's team finally realized that David Rosen was the one who stole it. Still, he didn't give it to anyone. Instead, he used it to restore his reputation, and get a new job as the U.S. Attorney for D.C.

Thankfully, David recorded Billy revealing that he killed many people in order to seek revenge on Olivia, evidence she'll surely use later.

Olivia ultimately decided to go back to her team -- her gladiators -- and Fitz went back with his tail between his legs to his wife Mellie.

When Olivia went on her morning run, she was met by dozens of reporters asking, "Is it true that you're having an affair with President Grant?" And when two CIA men swept her out of the frenzy, we finally discovered who the mysterious CIA head was when Olivia exclaimed, "Dad?"

The third season of Scandal is expected to return to ABC in the fall.

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