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"Scandal's" Columbus Short Hints that Harrison May Fall in Love

Colleen Hayes/ABC(NEW YORK) -- Viewers don't know much about Harrison Wright, the suit wearing "fixer" on ABC's Scandal, played by Columbus Short.  Still, when the 30-year-old actor chatted with ABC News Radio about his character, he dished that fans have to stay tuned to find out what makes this "gladiator" tick.

"Harrison's like the gun on the wall that we haven't fired yet," says Short.  "Because Harrison's back story...his connection to Liv (Olivia Pope, portrayed by Kerry Washington) and his loyalty to Liv runs much deeper and stronger than what we know so far as audience members, and me as a character."

Short said we'll have to wait until next season to see it all unfold.  We'll also have to wait and see what fans have been begging for -- namely, a love interest for Harrison.

"There's definitely some love interest about to ensue for Harrison," Short admits.  "You know what I love about [show creator Shonda Rhimes] is that she didn't write pointless love interests for Harrison."

In the interim, Harrison remains Pope's most trusted confidante.  It's a quality that Short says he appreciates about his character.

"I am a very loyal man and a loyal guy to friends, family [and] my spouse," he tells ABC News Radio.  "The kind of fought-my-way-in-and-out-of-any-situations kind of thing that Harrison has, that's a lot like me.  I'm finding a lot more similarities than I initially thought when approaching this character so it's really nice."

Also, if you ever wondered why the cast of Scandal talks so fast, Short says it's because Rhimes wants it that way. 

"She said talk as fast as possible.  Like, do not stop.  And you know as actors, you want to take your time and find the words and milk the emotions.  But forget all that.  It's written.  It's all there.  She did it on purpose...Trust the words and get through it.  And I love the Scandal pace," Short says.

Find out what kind of trouble Harrison helps Olivia get out of on ABC's Scandal, which airs Thursday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

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