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Selena Gomez Plays Spunky, Edgy Character in "Getaway"

Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images via ABC(NEW YORK) -- Selena Gomez is just a kid in her new movie, Getaway.

No, really. Her character is identified only as "The Kid."

It's a role that presented a new opportunity for Gomez. She says The Kid is "spunky, she's really cool, edgy, she knows a lot about technology, which I know nothing about, so that was a really big challenge for me. ...It was a different character, and she's really fun to play."

When we first meet Selena's character, she's pulling a gun on Ethan Hawke's Brent while trying to steal his custom car. She says that vehicle "goes through a lot" in the film.

She explains, "There is a lot of car-chasing scenes, a lot of jumping over things and cars crashing and flipping in the air. ...I don't even know how many cars they've damaged doing this movie, but I can tell you that the car that we have been in, I think they've gone through six of those cars."

Getaway pulls into theaters this Friday.

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