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Sharon Carpenter Shows Why She's a 'Damn Good Journalist' on VH1's "The Gossip Game"

Piotr Sikora/ VH1(NEW YORK) -- When you first meet Sharon Carpenter on VH1's new series centered on hip-hop journalists, The Gossip Game, there's one thing you'll know about her: she's a "damn good journalist."  She says as much herself in the opening credits.

Carpenter, a Brit, is currently a journalist for Russell Simmons' website Global Grind, and has previously reported for the BBC, BET News and New York's WPIX-TV, covering everything from Hurricane Katrina to the 2008 presidential election.  Now, she's adding reality show creator to her resume thanks to The Gossip Game, which she created with hip-hop producer Tone Boots.

"I think it's setting really a new precedent," Carpenter tells ABC News Radio about her new show.  "We're seeing women who are in this man's world, but we're women of power.  We're women who are independent and successful and ambitious.  And it's not about who our boyfriend is, and it's not about who are baby father is, it's about us."

Gossip Game centers on a group of female journalists -- Carpenter, The Source's Kim Osorio, radio personalities Angela Yee and K. Foxx, freelance writer JasFly, and bloggers Ms. Drama and Vivian Billings -- who cover hip-hop in New York City.  And while cameras follow them to their offices, on interviews and to industry events, the crux of the show is the relationship these women build amongst themselves.

With Carpenter, the best relationships for her are with veteran journalists Osorio -- "she's a woman I definitely respect" -- and Yee -- "she's a girl's girl" along with Billings.  However, she's still working on the others.

"[JasFly] can certainly be very defensive and I feel like she isn't confident in where she is in her career right now.  The thing is we all go through a journey and there's nothing wrong with acknowledging that you're at a certain stage in your journey, which may not at the certain stage that I'm at," she quips.

"[Ms. Drama is] not my favorite person," Carpenter adds.  "She is somebody that does a lot of talking at you, not to you; and doesn't do a lot of listening."

And the tension between Carpenter and K. Foxx is at an all-time high, with K. Foxx calling the Brit conceited in a previous interview.

"Those that know me well know I'm not conceited and there is a difference between being conceited and being confident.  And you have to have confidence in this industry," Carpenter pushes back.  "K. Foxx is someone I don't completely understand.  I don't know her very well and I feel like she's very secretive."

Find out why Carpenter feels that way on the season premiere of VH1's The Gossip Game on Monday at 9 p.m. Eastern time.

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