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Shia LeBouf Takes to the Skies for Latest Apology

TIZIANA FABI/AFP/Getty Images(LOS ANGELES) -- As part of Shia LaBeouf's continuing series of apologies to artist/writer Daniel Clowes for apparently plagiarizing his comic Justin M. Damiano to create a film short called Howard Cantour, LaBeouf used a skywriter Wednesday for his latest mea culpa.

The actor first apologized late last year after many began to point out similarities between his film and Clowes' work; LaBeouf later apologized, claiming it was only through his zeal did he forget to properly credit Clowes' work. However, just as swiftly, people began pointing out that LaBeouf's tweeted apologies were swiped from other sources.

The single skywritten sentence -- "I am sorry Daniel Clowes," was visible over some parts of Los Angeles Wednesday. Variety reports it was produced by a company called Worldwide Sky Ads after the Nymphomaniac star commissioned it.

A pic of the finished product appeared on LaBeouf's Twitter feed Wednesday, along with the caption, "CLOUD: - vapor floating in the atmosphere - remote servers used to SHARE DATA - to make LESS CLEAR or TRANSPARENT."

It would seem the gesture would be to make up for the, "plagiarized tweets," which were, "unintelligent, ambiguous and needlessly hurtful," and which apparently included one directly stolen from actor Val Kilmer, who had made unflattering statements about New Mexico, where he lives.

"I can only ask that you view my apology as a stepping stone toward repairing this misunderstanding between us," said Kilmer in 2010 -- as did LaBeouf via Twitter to Clowes just last Tuesday.

LaBeouf also posted an understated promise for the year ahead: "2014 Resolution - I need to work on being a less controversial tweeter."

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