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Study: Are TV Teens Too Sexy?

Photo Courtesy - ABC, Inc.(LOS ANGELES) -- A Parents Television Council study released Wednesday found that sexy images and depictions, from a teenage girl who dances seductively through her classroom to teens sharing a very passionate kiss in a dark room, are all from primetime network television.

"It's a ubiquitous saturation of sexualization of young girls in every form of media," said Tim Winter, president of the Parent Television Council. "It's not just college kids, it's not just twenty-somethings, we're now talking about teenagers."

The study analyzed the top 25 primetime scripted programs for viewers aged 12 to 17.

It looked at shows such as 90210, Glee, Gossip Girl and Grey's Anatomy, and defined sexualization as "the act or process of sexualizing...making of a person, group or thing to be seen as sexual in nature."

The study found that underage female characters were more often depicted in a sexual way than adult female characters. And for the underage characters, it is more likely visual sexual behavior as opposed to just dialogue.

The majority of the characters were presented as high school kids, not college age adults.

Seventy five percent of these shows did not contain an "S" for sexual content rating, so that parents could avoid them.

Parents can help curb that saturation by having a conversation with their children.

"As a parent it is incumbent upon you to become more involved in the media consumption of your child," said Winter. "Young children are watching these actors, they are seeing these pretend teenagers as the types of role models they want to become. "

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